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Paste Extrusion vs Isostatic Moulding in PTFE

The common key processes of making PTFE pipe liners include either isostatic moulding or paste extrusion. At Almarc Engineering, our PTFE pipe liners are manufactured from the paste extrusion method, which produces one of the highest quality PTFE pipe liners for all industries. Here’s why:

Paste Extrusion

Paste extruded PTFE pipe liners have a smoother surface finish than isostatic moulded ones. Not only so, it is also highly flexible, making it perfect for hoses, or pipe fittings. The PTFE particles in paste extruded liners are much closer together, hence it has a lower void content. This makes paste extruded PTFE pipe liners less permeable. 

  • Smooth surface finish
  • Less space between particles
  • More affordable
  • Highly flexible

Isostatic Moulding

On the other hand, the isostatic moulding process makes the PTFE pipe liner very stiff and its surface is not as smooth as paste extruded ones. Due to the manufacturing process, there are bigger spaces between the PTFE particles, increasing the void content of the PTFE pipe liner and making it more permeable. 

  • Very Stiff
  • Larger void content between particles
  • Expensive
  • Less smooth surface

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