Other Lined Products

Almarc Engineering, is the approved stockist and distributor of all CRP products and our PTFE Liners come directly from CRP in UK where it is manufactured using PTFE Paste Extrusion method. PTFE Paste extrusion method has been proven to produce better quality liners that are more dense and less permeable, protecting your piping systems from molecularly small corrosive chemicals. 

We offer a wide range of CRP products such as Fluorocarbon Lined Valves and Sight Glasses for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and associated process industries.

CRP is an ISO 9001:2015 approved company and is recognised worldwide for providing the highest quality corrosion resistant solutions.

Our Product Range

CTSG – Sightglass

FPCV – Flanged Poppet Check Valve

Swing Check Valve FPCV – Flanged Poppet Check Valve

WPCV – Wafer Poppet Check Valve